Andrew Carlson

I founded in 2010, to develop stories for an adult audience. Indeed, in the early days I mainly shared literary fantasies. The site has undergone a major transformation since then, and now promotes MM literature written by men.

At the same time, I’ve started writing stories that I publish on my Wattpad profile. I’m happy to have thousands of readers, many of them loyal, who appreciate the stories I have to offer. It was while talking with Sébastien and Kenneth, also on Wattpad, that I got the idea of going further.

From now on, I want to offer my stories in book form, thanks to Antinoüs éditions. In this publishing house, I’m in charge of validating manuscripts and the relations (professional) with authors.

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I started writing classic novels, which readers liked. But I didn’t feel perfectly at ease with these stories. I really found my calling when I started writing about love between men.

On Wattpad, I’ve had a number of adventures with heroes who are very close to reality, since I always base my stories on what I’ve experienced personally or on the love stories told by my mates. The subject is inexhaustible.

Andrew, Kenneth and I decided to set up this publishing house to share our creations. Having already worked for other publishing houses, I’m in charge of the technical side, working with the proofreader to ensure that the texts are impeccable, and with the graphic designer to ensure that the covers are beautiful.

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Sébastien Chevrey

Kenneth Wayd

For a long time, I wrote short stories and novels on my own, without ever daring to publish them. Then I started on Wattpad with a little story that slowly found its audience and, above all, gave me the chance to Andrew and Sébastien.

We’re on the same wavelength, we want the same thing, we like the same kind of literature: a mix of dream, fantasy and reality. Because that’s what love is all about. You dream about it, fantasize about an ideal and then face reality.

At Antinoüs éditions, I write the blog, update the site and handle all communications.

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