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“The reader is at the heart of our project. Exchanging, sharing, discussing… We want to keep in touch with those who read us, to keep improving.” Andrew

I’m Antinous, pleased to meet you. You may know my legend. I’ve become a fiction, like the stories we’re about to tell you. But I’ve also been real, I’ve lived, I’ve loved… just like the characters you’ll meet in the books we’re about to present.

Fiction and reality, that’s what you’ll find here: stories that are imagined, but based on reality, on everyday life.

Our lives are not naïve romances that feel good, but which nobody experiences. I would have liked to be a character in a romance, but in reality, my life has not been an easy one. I fell in love with an emperor: Hadrian, so everything started well, a real fairy tale. I was his lover for many years, and had some wonderful times by his side.

We can all agree that love is the most beautiful of feelings.

Then, thanks to the mystery surrounding the end of my life, I became a myth. That of the ideal man: young, handsome, intelligent, muscular… Many statues were sculpted in my likeness. I was worshipped for what I represented: a certain masculine perfection and, above all, Love in capital letters.

The romance ends there, because I suffered too.

“We like to write stories that are different from what we usually read. It’s everyday life that inspires us.” Sébastien

Love between two men is pure, direct, obvious and intense. Within the couple, there may be a few quarrels, but nothing like what others experience. Men understand each other! On the other hand, the outside world is harder on men who are in love. Out of jealousy… they want to destroy what’s beautiful.

I’ve come across hatred, and I want to fight it. Everyone is free to live their lives as they wish, there is no hierarchy in love, no normality or standards.

I want to fight fear, because it’s fear that causes so much damage. Fearful people aren’t sure of themselves, don’t really know who they are and, finding it hard to accept the situation, become aggressive.

We also need to combat misunderstanding, which is what creates differences. Often, all it takes is a little empathy, putting yourself in other people’s shoes and trying to understand them, for harmony to set in.

Above all, I’ve set myself a mission: to talk about love.

“Our books are romanticized, we want the stories to remain positive, to bring hope, because love, real love, is always beautiful.” Kenneth

I can’t love anymore, because I’ve become a chimera, a mere ideal. But I still want to spread love.

I remember the sweet moments spent by the side of the one I loved and still love. I want everyone to experience Love in capital letters.

I’m in another world now, so I have the ability to accompany those who love each other, to choose love stories to dream about, to give hope, to prove that love is always worthwhile, that we must never give up loving.

I’m fulfilling this mission through this publishing house: to talk about the most important subject of all, love, in all its forms. From my own experience, I believe that love between men is the most beautiful of all. It takes different forms, and is infinitely varied. All these stories need to be told…


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